Poll: What Kinds Of Gun Reform Are YOU For?

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Quiz, Statistics | 11 comments

You might be surprised to learn that many gun-rights advocates are open to gun reform and changes in legislation to prevent misuse of firearms and mass shootings like those that happened in Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, and so many others. But, there’s a huge divide that’s fueled by a general misunderstanding of the types of changes the majority are pushing for. The options in the poll below come from legislation either in progress or that has already passed in some states.

Here at NIOF, we want to do our part to help promote intelligent discussion on the topic of legislative reform of the second amendment. That’s why we created this poll: to help us share what kinds of change you’re hoping to see as we move towards a safer United States, and to let us know what “common sense gun reform” means to you – plus, we’d love to hear more about your thoughts in our chatroom! Stop by and join the discussion happening now!

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