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Clear Backpack Concealment Test

Sean with National Institute of Firearms walks us through a recent test of the concealment abilities of a clear backpack like those issued to the Parkland students after the mass shooting back in February. In this video: Clear Backpack Concealment Test…

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March For Our Lives Orlando Event

We attended the March For Our Lives event in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, March 24th. We heard your voices loud and clear and are excited to help amplify the call for change!
Come join us to chat online – we need everyone to hear what you have to say! https://niof.org/chat

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Cats and Guns

Whether you agree or disagree with this video and it’s summary of the gun debate, you have to admit it is quite entertaining. It is also promoting the march coming up on March 24th all across the nation. Come see us at the event in Orlando, FL covering the march and interviewing participants.

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