Clear Backpack Concealment Test

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Featured, Videos

Sean with the National Institute of Firearms walks us through a recent test of the concealment abilities of a clear backpack like those issued to the Parkland students after the mass shooting back in February.

There have been lots of comments and videos where students are complaining about these clear backpacks and the rights they’ve been stripped by being forced to carry them by the school in an effort to thwart someone bringing a weapon to school…. But what gain do you get in return for the loss of freedom?

So we wanted to put the notion behind this backpack to the test and see if a clear backpack might still be used to conceal a deadly weapon capable of doing mass damage.

Watch the video to see how that went… And as always, leave a comment below with your thoughts – or better yet, come join the live chat happening now!

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