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Quick and Dirty: The Gun Control Debate

A quick-and-dirty overview of the gun control debate… Every time there’s a shooting the debate about gun control is reignited. But what is the debate really? For some it seems like common sense to limit types of guns or the number of bullets a gun can hold…

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Guest Post: “Save Our Children” Time To Step Up!

I hear it everywhere these days; this call for change to save our children; especially in the place that is supposed to be the safest spot for them; school. But, sadly, as a teacher and a mentor for hundreds of children each year, I really don’t believe gun control is the answer…

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We Need To Talk: The “Illegal” Firearm

We’ve already spent a little time touching on some basic firearm jargon and terminology, but there’s still a ton of terms and misconceptions out there that confuse even the most seasoned of firearms owners. While chatting with a friend this past weekend I realized there’s a pretty common misconception that’s centered around this concept of “illegal” firearms.

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Let’s Talk: The ‘Only Military & Police’ Opinion

If you’ve listened to anyone discuss the pro-gun/anti-gun debate you have undoubtedly heard someone make the statement “Only the military and police should have guns – it’s their job to protect us”. It’s an interesting anti-gun opinion and one I believe needs to be addressed because of how popular it seems to be.

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A Look At School Safety Since Sandy Hook

In case of emergencies, lockdowns and fire drills are now commonly practiced in traditional brick and mortar schools. A lockdown is a precautionary measure in response to a threat directly to the school or in the surrounding community. This measure of school safety is when students stop all their activities…

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Has the media made mass shootings worse?

After every mass shooting, there is an explosion of media coverage of the event… But is there a possibility that the media coverage is making mass shootings worse? Before you utterly dismiss this idea – think about the latest mass school shooting in Florida…

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Why Are Women Mass Shooters So Rare?

While watching the coverage of the shooting at Youtube headquarters as it unfolded earlier this week, I became very curious about something I noticed that was drastically different with this shooting. What I found was pretty interesting;

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