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  • When Craig Boddington first went on safari in Africa, the Brno 602, the predecessor of the CZ 550 Safari Magnum was already well established among Africa’s professional hunters. Today, it is the most popular dangerous game rifle with the African PHs. Craig’s experience with the CZ 550 Safari Magnum includes more than just his own hunts, including one instance where poachers were caught with a badly abused but still functional model shooting reloads stuffed with scavenged powder from AK-47 rounds and recovered solids, hammered back to roundish. The decision to put his name on the CZ 550 was an easy one.

    His limited edition signature series rifle starts out with a CZ 550 Magnum action chambered in .375 Holland & Holland. A few custom touches are included to make this rifle suit Craig’s personal preferences. The barrel has been shortened slightly to 24” and an upgraded Safari Classics front sight and barrel band forward sling swivel stud have been installed on it. The stock has been redesigned for this series with input from Craig and fellow Petersen’s Hunting TV host Kevin Steele. The new stock is more trim and lively in the hand with a thin wrist and a slimmer, shallower, shorter fore-end. The 13.5” length of pull is terminated by a red, one inch Decelerator® recoil pad fitted to the XX Claro Walnut stock. (The pictured field grade stock was the only sample available at the time of photos) Limited edition upgrades on the metalwork include a jeweled bolt and Craig’s signature engraved on the floor plate as well as the “Craig Boddington Series” designation engraved just forward of the action on the top of the barrel.

    Also included in the package are a few of Craig’s favorite safari accessories: a canvas sling and cartridge slide from Trader Keith and a leather bound hunting journal to record the memories of the hunt.

    This is a Limited Edition of 50 pieces including 45 right hand models and 5 left hand models (Left-hand models sold out as of 2017).

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