CZ USA -CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer Camo


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The 455 Precision Trainer was designed to provide the same look and feel as a full-size tactical rifle while allowing for more economical training. Using a Manners Composite T4 stock to provide a rock-solid platform, the Precision Trainer wears a new camouflage paint scheme this year. The stock itself has multiple layers of carbon fiber and fiberglass hand-laid in high temperature epoxy resins, then placed in a vacuum and heat-cured to create the perfect resin-to-fabric ratio. Combined with the 455’s .866” cylindrical heavy barrel, that makes the Precision Trainer a surgical paper-puncher.*


*The 24-inch version of the Precision Trainer has a heavy barrel that tapers to the muzzle, differing from the standard cylindrical Varmint barrel profile.

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