Gunshot Detection Tech coming to Wisconsin Schools

by | Jul 9, 2018 | News

Some schools are using grant funding to move towards a gunshot detection sensor to help with the fight against mass shootings. With other security measures being put into place for the opening of schools in the fall, the gunshot detection sensor will alert police within seconds of shots being fired while video recording through surveillance cameras closest to the active scene. The sensor also has the ability to lock down doors to keep others free from harm.

A district spokesperson for Wisconsin schools is in hopes that the gunshot detection sensors will get local law enforcement officers out to schools sooner. Although these sensors were being pitched to schools about two years ago, it wasn’t until Parkland happened when people started to wake up.  Some schools have made detection sensors part of their security measures for a few years now.

Since the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the AmberBox has become a very popular gunshot detection device among corporate companies and educational buildings.  The AmberBox technology reduces response time with an automated emergency process. Once shots are fired the AmberBox will automatically alert security within the building and alert local first responders. This system provides the responders with the gunshot location, the movement of the active shooter, and the number of shots fired.  The AmberBox is so discreet it resembles a smoke detector (pictured to right).

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