Results Summary: Do you trust the NRA Quiz

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Statistics

With all the news lately, it’s easy to understand why the NRA is a target for those wanting to change gun legislation. After all, they’re a rather loud voice for one side of the gun-reform debate.

We targeted democrats and several left-leaning groups in an attempt to gain some insight and were surprised at the results we got. Either the people who took our poll which was marketed solely to the left, were actually right-leaning… or the “NRA is evil” rhetoric heard on nearly every media outlet isn’t as “mainstream” of an idea as they would lead us to believe.


Either way, help us to educate others about the perception of the NRA and their involvement in political change by taking this quick quiz – plus, we’d love to hear more about your thoughts in our chatroom! Stop by and make your voice heard today!

If you’ve not already done so, Take the Quiz HERE.

*We’ll update this post with any significant changes periodically.*

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